King's Drinking Game Plastic Playing Cards

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Cheers to the King!Let's be real; you wouldn't be reading this right now if you weren't interested. So congrats! You have nice taste AND your priorities straight. Whether you call it King's Cup, Ring of Fire, or Waterfall- we've redefined the game and it's bolder & boozier than ever before. Each card in this deck is a regal display of bubbly, festive energy oozing with all the wit and personality you secretly wish you had! Just look at the royal court! Who knew they were such party animals? We also took the liberty of writing down the most cherished drinking traditions on every card so you never forget & ruin a game again. We're saving you time, so you're welcome. But maybe you're a rebel at heart and don't play by the rules. That's cool too because we've included two blank Joker cards for you to get creative. Bottoms up! Why You'll Love It:Maybe you're a college student just looking for a break; perhaps you peaked in high school and currently in the throes of a mid-life crisis. Whatever your life circumstances, this deck of cards is your ticket to breaking free from the tedium of daily life. Oh yeah- they're also printed on durable, waterproof plastic and perfectly equipped to handle your shit whether its booze, tears, or actual shit (We don't stand by that last one 100%; though you're welcome to try it out and get back to us). Also, don't be fooled! Underneath the tastefully cheeky party humor is a standard deck of 52 poker-sized cards versatile enough for playing whatever piques your fancy.